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Brands and logos are one of the most important assets of companies. By registering a trademark, it brings numerous benefits, e.g. establishing ownership of the brand, preventing infringement, safeguarding uniqueness, and increasing the brand's value and competitiveness. All these help a business to grow further. In contrast, brands that are not registered may face the risks of e.g. being registered by competitors, involving in infringement lawsuits, encountering market restrictions, which could affect business development. To build a strong brand, it is crucial to get it registered.

Professional Trademark Services

Actualis is committed to providing professional trademark services to client in Hong Kong and around the world through our extensive global network. Our consultants had worked in law firms and chamber of commerce organizations, have extensive knowledge and experience in intellectual property, and are capable in providing comprehensive trademark protection strategies for client in different industries. Our philosophy is to establish long-term cooperative relationships with client and provide tailor-made trademark solutions and services at reasonable prices which both small and large businesses can afford.

Minimum of 5 years of experience

Vast number of cases handled

Tailored strategies

Our Services

Trademark Registration Service

Actualis provides a one-stop trademark application service, with each application to be handled by a dedicated consultant from application to registration. Unsure if your trademark can be registered? How to make your application goes smoothly? What to do if your application is opposed? Relax, we will take care of everything for you.

Understand Your Needs

Each applicant has their own unique needs. We will first understand the applicant's business scope and plans, and tailor the best application strategy for each.

Search and Analyse

Not every brand can be registered. We will examine client's trademarks, conduct trademark searches, assess how likely the applications would be successful, and provide suggestions to enhance the chance.

File Promptly

We file applications to local trademark offices without unnecessary delay upon confirmation of applications details and receipt of payment.

Follow Up

From filing to obtaining registration certificates, we will follow up and report to client in a timely manner, and respond to various local offices’ demands that may arise.


Other Intellectual Property Services

Not only trademark registrations, Actualis also provides the following professional IP services:

Trademark Assignment
Trademark Renewal
Change of Name
Change of Address
Respond to Office Action
Trademark Opposition
Trademark Monitoring
Copyright Registration

Affordable Rates

Protecting your brand does not necessarily mean breaking the bank. Actualis understands companies are cost-sensitive: We endeavour to provide professional trademark services at affordable rates through our effective business model and long-established global network. Our aim? To help our client saving budget.

Frequently Applied-For Jurisdictions

Hong Kong
Trademark Application

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Additional Class



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